Young Professional.

Young Professional.

My name is Emma.

I graduated in May of 2012 with my BA from the University of North Texas, where I specialized in Anthropology, Marketing, and Italian. I have worked as a marketing intern, and now work as a full-time Internal Operations Coordinator at a third-party marketing firm.

Work Experience:
When younger, I had big dreams of what life would be like when I grew to be an adult. I wanted to be an artist, a Power Ranger, a chef, a veterinarian. Never did I lay awake at night and imagine myself as an Operations Coordinator for a third-party vendor company. In fact, when I lay awake at night lately, I still do not desire that position. Alas, it is that position that I am occupying. When I look at the bigger picture, at the grand scheme of my life, I realize that this is not the worst place that I could be at 22 year-old. But that doesn’t mean I have to be complacent.

University Experience:
Fresh from university, I definitely have experiences to share.

Travel Experience:
Although most of this category will revolve around Italy, it is something that I cannot leave out. My time in Italy was one of the biggest, most impacting experiences of my life.

Relationship Experience (& Crafty Experience):
I’m married to my best friend and partner for life, Zach. We have some great memories, and will be making more every day. There are so many lessons that this commitment has taught me already, and I hope to share them with you!  I’ll talk about this happy, wonderful love in my life. I’ll also include some anecdotes about family, friends, and pets (with pictures)!

Healthy Experience:
I’m on the constant battle to be the best me, including the size and shape of my body. I’m trying to eat better, work out more, and treat myself right. I’ll post about great recipes, and some not-so-great ones (pictures!).

In a world where professional experience is required in order to gain experience, many doors are closed to recent graduates. This is my recollection of various experiences since I entered the work force: experiences with family, love, responsibility, and the infamous work force.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. It is so true that you need experience for entry level jobs… almost every job I see on job boards are “entry level” positions, but you need 2 years of experience!

    …also congrats! 🙂 You’re one of the lucky ones getting married right out of school!

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