Keeping Youthful as a Young Professional

As I’ve mentioned, being a 20-something in the work place can be stressful. We want to prove ourselves worthy of being in the “real world.” One of the hardest parts of the transition into the professional world is leaving the “young” in “young professional.”

I’m an adult. I am in charge of my own finances, have a “real” career-type job, and am about to be married for goodness sake! But, I’m still young. I expect a lot of myself, but I’m not at an age where much is expected of me by the outside world. True, I like to succeed in my job. I also like to nap. But, I still like to go out for a drink with friends sometimes. I set all of my own doctor appointments and buy my own groceries. But sometimes I need a break from so many responsibilities. I recently rescheduled a doctor’s appointment so that I could go to a brewery tasting this weekend. That doesn’t seem very responsible, but I’m allowing myself those types of decisions every once in a while.

My point is, balance is important. I am, by no means, encouraging millennials to live recklessly. I do encourage them to be silly. The term “young professional” has two parts. I’m a fan of living both parts fully.


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