Owning Your Stress Before Your Stress Owns You



Lately I’ve been feeling a little, no, a lot on edge. Nothing is going particularly badly in my life, but there is a lot going on. As I’ve mentioned before, making lists calms me down. I like to make to-do lists, and lists of goals. So, I decided to make a list of my stressors.

Stress is a constant in life, but sometimes it can become unbearable. The stresses on a young professional are also quite significant. I’m not saying that stress goes away after you become a work force veteran, but by then, you’re more accustom to what a career can throw at you.

After making a list of stressors, I wrote down the reason that those items were stressing me out. Then, I make a list of ways to counteract and eventually dissolve the stress from those things. Just writing it down helped me so much!

So, there is the given stress of the 20 something. Pile on top of that: wedding stress, financial stress, and stress with trying to be healthy and lose weight. All of these things are extremely stressful, but there are solutions for each.

My normal solutions are a glass of wine, my puppy, and time with my fiance. I decided to take it more internal and start solving my own issues instead of relying on happiness from my external sources (although they definitely help!).

winepuppehflower heart


4 thoughts on “Owning Your Stress Before Your Stress Owns You

  1. I like your process of writing it all out. Seems like a therapeutic and logical solution process. I know I feel good when I take control of my own emotions and life by making decisions and changes on my own.

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