Wedding Countdown– Double Digits!

Zach and I are now 93 days away from our wedding!

Countdown on The Knot!

Countdown on The Knot!

I’m happy to say that a majority of the largest items have been crossed off our To-Do list! We still need to take our pictures (yay!), and work on the DIY decorations. The DIY decorations seem like such  good idea until you realize you really need to do it yourself.

I’m planning on having a crafting day in the near future. I’ll provide supplies and entertainment, and my gal pals are going to help me create some beautiful decor. It’s actually pretty exciting. I’m so happy that I have these friends who are willing to spend ours with yarn bottles, and super glue!

I recently purchased my wedding shoes! They are lovely Vince Camuto blue, suede heels. Not only are the comfortable and fashionable, but they will also me my “something blue.” That’s two items off of the To-Do list! Hooray!


Vince Camuto suede heels.


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