The Education Foundation

I’m not talking about a philanthropic foundation that raises money for education. I’m talking about the actual foundation on which our education is built as individuals. Let me tell you why I’m talking about it:

This past weekend, my fiancé and I went to the zoo. I love the animals, the little informative plaques, and the conveniently places snow-cone stands. What I don’t like are the parents who misinform their children about certain animals. I can imagine that once I am a parent, I will be a little more lenient about my child calling a zebra, a horse, but not that lenient. So many times, I wanted to pull the five-year-olds aside and explain to them the difference between a monkey and a gorilla (I also wanted to explain this to some of the misinformed adults).

After talking to my fiancé, Zach, I realized that they just “didn’t know any better,” which is even more worrisome. Not necessarily for the children, they are at an age where they can easily learn the correct names of things. But, the adults should know better, right?

So many people can go through grade school, and even college, and just not know any better. I’m so thankful that my educational foundation was set so firmly by my parents while growing up. I didn’t always have the best teachers (although, I also had some astounding ones), but my thirst for knowledge kept me going. I hope I can give the same to my children.

They will  know the difference between a chimpanzee and a bonobo!

Anyway, let me climb down from my soap box and show you some pictures from our zoo adventure!

They have to basically do the plots to drink!

They basically need to do the splits to drink!

IMG_20130609_145244_509 IMG_20130609_150114_362 IMG_20130609_151323_373

Sloth bear!

Sloth bear!


Fish face!

Fish face!

HORSE! erm.... Zebra!

HORSE! erm…. Zebra!

Zach with the mountain goat!

Zach with the mountain goat!


Our personal zoo animal, Sirius!

Our personal zoo animal, Sirius!


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