Patience, patience…

It’s a daily struggle to be satisfied. I don’t want to be complacent, but I’d like to enjoy where I am in my journey as a young professional.

Society has ingrained so many expectations in my mind, and I’ve created more along the way. I’m 22 and I haven’t invented anything—what’s wrong with me? I’m not a millionaire? Why?

Realistically, I don’t expect to have become an inventor or millionaire by now, nor do I necessarily expect it in my lifetime. But, I do expect to be close. I have so many goals, and (for some strange reason) I keep developing more, which leaves me swimming in a pool of impatience. I need to be doing more in order to success. But I already do so much.

So, in order to subdue my impatience, I’ve started making a timeline. It’s not a clean, straightly-lined timeline. It looks more like a web (I’ll post a picture once I’ve finished).

I started by making a list of everything that I have accomplished thus far. It was a much needed ego boost, and helped me assess what I needed to do moving forward. Then, I made a list of my big goals— the kind of goals that take years to accomplish. Now, I’m connecting the two lists. Instead of being frustrated and impatient because I’m not close enough to my big goals, I’m creating an action plan. I’m not a millionaire? How can I get closer to reaching that status? Not all goals are about money, but money does affect most goals (sadly).

Mapping our my professional career has helped calm me down. I can see now how my goals can be accomplished. I realize that all steps leading to the big goals might not happen the way that I have written them, but for now, I’ll try to be patient. If necessary, I can always make another list!


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