Financial Planning (For the Win!)

So, I listen to Cosmo Radio on Sirius XM. I know, I know—don’t judge too hard. One my morning commute, I get to hear Wake up with Taylor. It features a delightfully silly duo (Taylor and Kenny). They interview people, talk about topics from Cosmopolitan Magazine, and crack each other up; thus, they crack me up. On the commute home, I listen to Cocktails with Patrick. It’s Cosmo’s look “inside the male mind,” which, as it turn out, is also hilarious. I love these shows. I’m a little obsessed.

One the way to work this morning, Taylor and Kenny interviewed a lady who owns a financial planning website. The lady and the website aren’t entirely pertinent to the story, so I won’t fill the whole post with free advertisements.

The conversation with this woman was pretty invigorating. They discussed credit card debt, and planning for your financial future. I’m at a pretty critical point in my life (regarding financial planning… and… everything else), so this conversation really inspired me. So, during my lunch break, I broke down my financial goals and started a plan.

I feel like a lot of 20somethings disregard the importance of any sort of planning early on in their professional career. So, I put myself on my way to being debt-free, which will inevitably make life more bearable.

Next up is creating a joint financial plan for myself and my fiancé.

My Fiance and me

My Fiance and me









Growing up is fun.


2 thoughts on “Financial Planning (For the Win!)

  1. For the win! That’s awesome! I love feeling inspired. You always get the most work done that way. Good for you getting straight to work to set your financial goals. And creating joint goals, BRILLIANT! Good luck with everything!

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