Sprinting a 5K

Project-based marketing is the fast-paced, more discombobulated sibling to continuity marketing. With continuity, life is more certain. You have a client, they are your client for at least a year, and you have time to develop a super smooth way of working.

Project-based programs tend to last one quarter. You have to get to know your client more quickly and there is a shorter learning curve. It is a sprint, and continuity is a marathon. Both are difficult in their own ways. However, when your project-based program gets multiple, back-to-back extensions, it can feel like sprinting a whole 5K (granted, I could neber literally sprint for that long…oy!).

Being a young professional on a project-based program has been a blessing in disguise. It’s stressful—job security is less than if I were on a continuity program. Deadlines are imminent and constantly approaching. The silver lining is that I have had to work harder and learn faster than I would have had to if I were on a continuity program.

I’m the only person doing operations on a multi-million dollar program. And the program keeps getting extensions. The fast-paced nature makes me think on my toes. I’ve had to learn how to do so much more than if I were on a multi-person operations team. I’m not bragging. It’s been crazy hectic. But I’ve benefited so much!

Looking from an etic perspective at what I’ve been doing since graduation is what keeps me grounded. Sometimes I might feel overwhelmed and frantic, but I can see the pay-off. The success I dream of is on the horizon, and I’m taking the right path to get there.

Look at what you’re doing at your job: it’s leading you somewhere.


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