Unfortunate Social Habits that Should Not be Carried into the Workplace (#1)

I have the unfortunate habit of not filtering my thoughts properly before they turn into audible words. As I mature, the unfiltered thoughts become more “mature,” and can be (and often is) bathos. I’ve been working on it at home. When I drop something, an obscenity should not be my go-to reaction; so, I’ve started pausing, then saying something more like, “Oh no!” For those of you who are wondering, yes I drop stuff a lot, so I have plenty of practice.

My filter-less mouth becomes more troublesome in a professional environment. When I get nervous, it gets worse. Sometimes I can go through an entire meeting saying things that I don’t realize are coming out of my mouth until after the meeting. Usually, I do lame hand gestures to executives, like a “thumbs up,” or say, “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!” in a high-pitched voice. Other times, I’m way too honest. When asked how I feel about a certain aspect of the business, I’ll get nervous and ramble on about how I really feel. They probably don’t want to know how I really feel. They just need to know that everything is going smoothly. No details required. I give details.

So, this is something that I am trying to stop as soon as possible. Word-vomit at home is one thing… acting a fool in the office is a whole other story. Luckily, my coworkers are good-humored. My mouth hasn’t gotten me in trouble just yet. Hopefully, it never will. blerg what the wha


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