Franklin-Covey: the Novel Idea

Trust is good, but not blind trust. They call it “Smart Trust” in the Franklin Covey world. I call it common sense in mine.

Stephen Covey talked for hours about a method of trust based on his father’s teachings. His father, also Stephen Covey, actually had some very inspirational works (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). However, since his father’s passing, young Stephen seems to have taken it upon himself to create an inspirational, in memoriam speech that would keep his father’s legacy alive. This talk consisted of some clever factoids, information on trust, and long stories about Covey Sr.

The most useful take-away from the seminar was the dialogue among my colleagues, who also attended. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t go again. But, if I was to go again, it’d need to be via time machine to see the original Stephen Covey speak.




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