Apology Accepted

This is where I apologize. I apologize to my readers for my inconsistent blogging. I apologize to my website for neglecting you. And, I apologize to myself for not following through with the self-made goals for the blog. 

Life has been crazy, but life is always crazy. 

In my absence, I’ve had more experiences, which I know will give me more content. I’ve visited a new (to me) part of the country with (virtual) strangers. I’ve made more progress in wedding planning and professional development. I can’t wait to share it all!

So, from myself– apology accepted. I’m sure my blog will move on past my negligence. Readers, bear with me as a ramp up to share more experiences and ramblings. 

Meanwhile, here is what my puppy looks like now!


4 thoughts on “Apology Accepted

  1. Hope the job search is going well! I am currently waiting as patiently as I can for a call for an interview on this AMAZING opportunity. Needless to say my patience is running out and I only submitted my resume on Friday 😦 😦

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