Yearn to Learn

Education is something that I cherish. I love learning new things at my job, through personal research, reading, and discussions with other people. After being in school for roughly 18 years of my life, it’s been frustrating to not have classes and assignments. Sure, the pressure of getting good grades is gone. But, now the pressure of everything else is on!

That’s why I’ve been thinking more and more about graduate school. I know that it isn’t necessary. I know that I can get far with my Bachelors Degree. Still, I want to go back. I’ve been researching online Masters programs. It seems manageable!

Do you think that grad school is a good idea?


4 thoughts on “Yearn to Learn

  1. I could honestly never go back to school. It’s not my thing and my job is more of a hands on learning experience anyways. This seems like a question you’re really going to have to dig down deep within yourself to answer. If it really is something you think you want to do, do it now! You have less obstacles in your way now than you will in the future. Making this decision too late might make you regret not taking the opportunity sooner. Good luck! I really hope you find what you’re looking for!

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