Wedding Progress

The wedding is approaching quickly! Sure, we still have several months to go, but ti will be here before we know it!

I’d been stressing about getting everything done in a timely manner. So, I ordered a wedding planning organizer from Wedding Solutions! The content is great, but the binder itself was pretty ugly. BUT they did send me a “complimentary” tote bag that says “Bride”! That’s me!

I'm the bride!

I’m the bride!

The binder with content.

The binder with content.

I ordered a customized binder from Zazzle (which I’ll have as a keepsake forever), and inserted the content from the other binder. I love it!

The customized CUTE binder that I ordered.

The customized CUTE binder that I ordered.

I’ve even started DIY-ing some decorations. On the tables at the reception, we will have lanterns, some foliage, flowers, and BOTTLES! I will (with the help of some of my gal pals) wrap a bunch of different sized bottles with yarn, lace, and ribbon (thanks Pinterest). Below is an example of what I’ve done so far!

DIY reception decor

DIY reception decor

Yay for progress. Yay for weddings! And, YAY FOR LOVE!


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