What “To-Do”?

For me, not having a to-do list can sometimes be more stressful than having a long to-do list.

At the beginning of every day, I make a list of items that need to get done. This list is usually based off of the emails accumulated over night. I usually start with a pretty hefty list. I get a lot of emails. Even though it’s a lot of work and can be stressful, I like knowing what to expect throughout the day.

When I arrived to work yesterday morning, I had no emails. None. Zero. I spent my morning concerned. Something must have happened to everybody on my team. Did I miss some sort of memo?

Nope. It was just a slow day.

This could have been nice. Maybe even a little relaxing. It wasn’t, however, because I couldn’t stop checking all of my emails for something that I had missed. I ended up brainstorming and coming up with some nice business goals. It was nice, but I would have felt better about these accomplishments if I had written them down in a list format initially.

Detailed list

Detailed list

Do you like having to-do lists? Or am I just crazy?

If you love lists, or would like to start making them, I suggest visiting this page: LISTS!


4 thoughts on “What “To-Do”?

  1. This is funny because I was thinking about sharing my list techniques later on in the week. You’ll have to keep an eye out for it 😉

    I agree though, having a list does help. Even though you may be stressed, you still feel in control. I also try to write a weekly goal every Monday so on slow days I can refer back to that to find something to do. If that doesn’t work then I think of ways I can keep myself organized like typing up notes on my responsibilities so I remember how to do everything and if I’m ever absent it would be very easy for me to pass along my duties to be covered by someone else.

    Also like the list page you suggested. A TON of suggestions and details. Good if you need a lot of help or just that little extra push.

    • I look forward to your post!
      I like typing up notes on my responsibilities as well. It also helps with creating resume bullet points!
      Is it sad that the page I linked actually makes me excited to make lists? Probably. Haha, but oh well!

      • Everyone has their quirks. I think that’s great that you get so excited! 🙂

        And that’s a really good point…. about the resume bullet points. Great way to keep track of projects you’ve worked on and skills you’ve developed.

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