After studying abroad in Sicily, only one (not obscene) word of Sicilian has stuck in my brain: Amonini. It means, “Let’s go.”

I could go into a long, sentimental rhetoric about the symbolism of remembering only one word with a meaning of forward movement, escape, progression, or travel. I could, but I won’t. Instead, I’m going to say how ridiculous it is that I only remember one word of Sicilian (that isn’t an obscenity) from that time.

Yes, I was there to learn Italian—not Sicilian. Sure, knowing Sicilian wouldn’t be very applicable in day-to-day life. I guess that I hadn’t really intended to learn any  Sicilian, so I should be proud of this one word (plus whatever expletives I picked up).

Nevertheless, it’s frustrating!


4 thoughts on “Amonini

    • Hi! Thanks for reading!Amonini = Let’s go. Amoninne = They go? I know that Amonini is the correct spelling for “Let’s go”… However, since Sicilian is a dialect, there could be numerous spellings of words.

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