Having a strict diet like Keto can be really difficult. My favorite foods are the worst for me to eat (bread and potatoes), and the recommended substitutions do not ease my cravings. 

Last week, my office had their bi-monthly birthday celebration. They buy two very large cakes to celebrate the birthdays over everyone in the office during a two month span. Luckily, the cakes this time were not very tempting, but it still made me sad to see everyone walking around with their large plates of sweetness. 

This past weekend, I went out to lunch with my family. We were celebrating the birthdays of my sister and mother. I was happy to order a salad with no croutons  The hard part was seeing everyone else dig into the buttery rolls, fried pickles, and peach cobbler. 

I didn’t break. I held strong and ate what I had ordered. Although I was frustrated and a little sad that I didn’t get to partake in the carby goodness, I also felt proud that I had the willpower to not even sneak one fried pickle. 

This weekend, Zach and I are going to have carby meals. We’re going to satisfy our cravings and then shock our bodies back into ketosis to speed along the process. I am looking forward to this way too much. I want so many types of breads and potatoes. We’re doing it over two days so that we don’t gorge ourselves too much (thinking ahead). 

I’m also looking forward to starting the diet again. The weight loss has improved my self esteem so much. I’m ready to keep going (after this weekend)!


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