My Dress

It fit!


I ordered my wedding dress several months ago. There are two very important and exciting things that happened when I went to pick it up last Friday:

1. I still loved it! After not seeing it for so long, I worried that I was going to have a bad “Say Yes to the Dress” moment. I didn’t want to see it and say, “No! That’s not my dress! I don’t remember that!” And I didn’t! I still love it!

2. It fit! I was super daring and ordered my dress two sizes smaller than I was on the day I picked it out. The dress zipped up! Such a relief! Now I need to work on toning up my back and arms to make it look the best that it can. I also don’t mind losing more weight. The important part to me is that I’m on the right track. The diet has been working like I’d hoped. It’ll all be okay.

I’m so excited to get it altered in a few more months and see the changes in myself. Zach and I still need to take engagement pictures, but we’re waiting to slim down a little more. I love that we are doing this together.



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