Using Your Major

There is something to be said for the Bachelor’s degree in General Studies. Most people might as well have gotten this as their degree. Majoring in Philosophy, English, Art, or even Anthropology has the same effect for a lot of entry-level positions. Unless you are going into a specialized field like Engineering, or Chemistry, the need for that focus in a university setting can be all for naught.

That is, of course, unless you have a passion for one particular subject. I have a passion for Anthropology. However, I also realized before I graduated that a degree I Anthropology would not automatically make me an Anthropologist. I also realized that it is very difficult to get a job in the area of Anthropology without experience and/ or a graduate degree. This is probably the case with most professions.

During my senior year in school, I started looking for an Anthropology-based job. All of the positions I found were for mid- to senior-level professionals with years of experience. Great. So, logically, I looked for the entry-level positions that could lead me on the right path. There were none to be found. How was I supposed to get the experience needed for the position I wanted, when all of the positions that were relevant required experience?!

I’m lucky that my goal is Business Anthropology. I minored in Marketing and was able to use that knowledge, and the experience of my internship, to land my current role. I’m technically not practicing Anthropology on a daily basis, but I am gaining that entry-level experience that I need in order to move forward on my desired path. As I increase my professional knowledge, I can see myself utilizing even my smallest tasks for the development of my goal.

There are Ops Coordinators with degrees in English and Philosophy, but they are not utilizing their specific degree in the way that I want to. I studies Anthropology for a reason. That reason is important to me, and I would like to continue in the pursuits of a degree in Anthropology for that reason. Passion. Do you have it for your studies? If not, I think it’s great to have that Bachelor’s degree anyway. If so, don’t lose it. Use it.


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