Pinning and Hoping and Dreaming

I’ve been active on Pinterest for quite some time now. So, I’ve accumulated boards, pins, and likes. Looking through it all now does not give the the sense of satisfaction that a collector might feel while looking at their collection. I feel bummed! Sure, I get a sense of satisfaction as I electronically hoard my hopes and dreams, but that’s about it.

Most boards are filled with things that I have found around in internet. Usually hings I love. And usually things that I cannot have (at least not at this point in my life). I can’t get that fabulous gourmet kitchen– I’m not there yet. I can’t afford those hip clothes. I do appreciate that funny animal pun (see below), but what good does that do me?

Get it?!

Get it?!

The one board that always makes me happy is my wedding board. I love looking at it. Even though I won’t have most of those things in my actual wedding, it gives me inspiration. As I look at those ideas (some I might have pinned even before I was engaged), I can picture how my big day will develop.

So, hopefully my internet hoarding will pay off. After the wedding, I will need to look back and see what pins I actually utilized. That might be interesting. Regardless of how much pinning I do, I know that my hopes and dreams will come true. I am marrying my best friend, we have great families, and a wonderful life (but I’ll keep pinning).


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