No XX; No Fun.

On Wednesday night, my sister (Sarah), fiance (Zach), and I were on our way to a sold-out XX concert at the Granada Theater in Dallas. We didn’t get to attend that concert because we were in a pretty bad wreck.

A girl driving behind us pressed the gas instead of the break (at least that’s what it seemed like) in traffic on a busy highway. She rear-ended us very fast and hard and we spun out. Zach’s car clipped the car in front of us, but nothing too bad since we were at an angle. The girl ended up not stopping until she was two car lengths ahead of us, so we know she was going super fast. We are just blessed that there were no cars in the lane we’d spun into and that Zach’s car was large enough to protect us from too much damage (my car would have crumbled).

The police dropped us off at a local fast-food restaurant, and we waited for a friend to come pick us up. That was my first time to ever ride in the back of a police car. Actually, that night was full of a lot of firsts, most of which I would rather not repeat.

The girl who hit us was bleeding badly, and her car was completely totaled. The car that Zach clipped was a company car, driven by a Swiss man in for business. He was very entertaining and nice about everything. HE was able to drive away shortly after the police arrived. Sarah, Zach, and I were OK, but sore and with some bruising. Zach’s car was towed away– hopefully not beyond repair.

What was supposed to be an eventful night, lived up to its promise. However, it was not the kind of eventful that we’d hoped for. We didn’t see the XX. We didn’t have fun.


4 thoughts on “No XX; No Fun.

  1. Sorry to read about this – there’s nothing worse than a car crash when it happens – but if you and your loved ones are seriously injured, it becomes little more than a hassle once the smoke clears.

    Thanks for sharing.

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