When applying for your first job, what can you put on a résumé? How long should it be? What shouldn’t you put on a résumé? Are the little accents over the word “résumé” really necessary? Lastly, why doesn’t High School matter? These are all questions I continue to ask myself.


Apparently, you should customize your résumé to each position for which you are applying. If the idea of rewriting your résumé upwards of one hundred times does not tickle your fancy (it does not tickle mine), try writing one version for each field in which you are trying to be employed. For instance, your application for that snazzy marketing job should not look like your application to work at a daycare (don’t feel bad applying for both).


What I’ve learned: it should fit on one page, and it should fill that page.

Why High School Doesn’t Matter–
I am not a fan of this one. I feel like I would have a much more impressive résumé if I could add my stint as Drum Major (Leadership of 200+ peers!) and participant in UIL Academics (I wrote essays for fun!). Nevertheless, I can understand why it does not count after college.

Most Employers are looking for people who can fill up a page’s worth of experience without needing to reach back into the depths of grade school. You are supposed to have grown and made more of yourself since then. The trouble is, making more of yourself takes time, and it is hard to find that time while trying to finish your four year degree in four years.

My most recent résumé is on the blog. Check it out! I’m positive it isn’t perfectly put together, but it has done the job thus far!


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