Networking While Working

The VP of my CBU (Central Business Unit) recently told me something that made me smile:
“ You’ve gone from basically begging for a job, to people fighting one another to give you a job.”

That is music to the ears of a young professional. And, it’s true (at least the begging part is)!

When my internship days were drawing to a close, I began to panic. At work events, and even in the break room, I would shove my availability in the faces of executives. I let them know that I was looking for a full-time job, and I told them why they should be the ones to give one to me.

During our final presentation as an intern group, I voiced my desire to work immediately after the internship. I even included, “Looking for a full-time job!” in my blurb inside our program.

After I got the job, I wasn’t completely sure of my job security. That’s when MR. VP stepped in and made my day. I had been trying so hard and for so long of attain a full-time position, that I had made the entire office aware of my capabilities. I made myself a candidate in the minds of people inside and outside of my CBU.

I have to say, I wouldn’t have been so ambitious (maybe) if it wasn’t for the encouragement and assistance from all of the full-timers during my internship. Networking is a magical thing.


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