My SOP folder

My SOP folder

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure. These are outlines on how to complete various tasks. They helped me learn my duties while I was an intern, and now I create them to help others on my team. Usually, I make them to clarify how to navigate our ancient data system. They allow me explain processes more clearly, which I’m sure my team appreciates.

Usually, I include “snips” or screen shots in my SOPs. A lot of snips. I love snips. They enhance any explanation and leave minimal room for misunderstandings. I highly suggest creating SOPs if you are trying to teach anyone how to do anything.

For example, I was on an SOP-making rampage and my boss (jokingly) requested that I make one explaining how to find an empty stall in the men’s restroom. If you think this seems like a helpful document, you can view it below.

You’re welcome.


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