I was put into school when I was four years old. It was preschool, so I’m not sure how much it counts, but it was school nonetheless. Since then, I have been in school every year until I graduated from college. Sure, I had most summers off, but school was a constant in my life. I always had a new semester on the horizon.

With my supportive family at my graduation.

With my supportive family at my graduation.

Once I graduated from college, I had the initial excitement of “I did it!” and everybody congratulated me. That did not last long. People continued to congratulate me, but the sense of accomplishment could no longer keep me elated. I was still working at my part-time, student position; I had until August to find another job.

I applied to SO many jobs. Hundreds. Thousands (if I want to get hyperbolic). I had my three interviews in New York set up, but needed to find something in Texas in case those… well… turned out the way they did.

Finally, I got a call back from a company for a marketing internship position. I had a successful phone interview. I got lost on my way to the face-to-face interview, but the internship manager was a doll and talked me through it. Once I arrived, the interview went really well.

I went to New York not knowing whether or not I had gotten the internship position. I called a few times, but they had yet to decide. On my first day back home I received the call that I had been chosen for the internship position. I was so relieved.

So, I started my internship. This was a great stepping stone for me. We had seminars, training classes, and projects; I was able to have professional experience with the learning environment that I had grown accustomed to from perpetual school. Alas, all good things must come to an end. The internship was only for a couple of months during the summer. I still had a deadline of August to find a full-time position.

The intern group in the company newsletter.

The intern group in the company newsletter.

I made it very clear to everyone in the office that I was looking for work after the internship was finished. That is how I ended up on my current team. I was persistent and enthusiastic—determined to get another job.

Even though it hasn’t even been a year since I graduated, I feel like school was a lifetime away. And still, I have this anxious feeling, like I have been in an elongated summer and another semester of classes is coming up. This will probably fade over time (unless I go to grad school), but for now, being out of college is bittersweet. I’m starting my career, my life, but it all feels like I’ve been living one deadline to another. Hopefully, my next dealing won’t come along for a while!


3 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. Deadlines are scary. Why do we even give ourselves deadlines? I see the purpose of them for work purposes but not in dealings with life… I’ve been having this “discussion”, if you will, with myself about why I have all these preconceptions about when I should hit certain points in my life… I always thought after school the order of how to do things was get a job right out of college, get married by 25, then have a family by 30. That’s the basics of what I truly thought my life was suppose to be…. I’m 23 years old, 24 in June, there’s no way I’m meeting those deadlines. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to not pressure myself by these preconceptions of life deadlines.

    • Absolutely. The scariest deadlines are those that you have no control over. The personal ones like marriage and starting families are an almost inherent, cultural rule. You seem like you are doing great as a young professional! Don’t fret the other deadlines! I’m sure you will succeed in all aspects of your life when you are meant to!

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