Wedding Bells…. We Probably Can’t Afford Those

I always knew that I wanted a very DIY wedding. I wanted Zach and myself to have a special day that reflected our love, not just what all of the wedding magazines say we needed.

That being said, I never considered DIY costing so much money. Really, the materials and things that I will do myself won’t cost too much. Nevertheless, there are super expensive wedding things that I hadn’t accounted for:

The dress

The venue

The reception

Zach and I would have, ideally, liked to get married in a forested area of Portland, OR. But… being in Texas made that dream stay a dream. We looked for cool, urban style reception venues, but those were in the wrong locations and would cost our entire wedding budget. We even looked at one of those “all inclusive” ceremony and reception places. It was pretty. Not necessarily our style, but it would have been convenient. We were considering it until we saw the price. The most “economic” option was $17,000.

I cried.

I wasn’t crying because we wouldn’t be able to afford the beige, impersonal wedding package. I was crying because we were running out of options. We had family and friends who we wanted to include in our special day, but inviting more people costs more money. It’s stressful!

We finally decided on first ceremony venue that we had looked at. It’s perfect for us. Smaller, but perfect. We booked a larger reception venue. It’s a local art gallery space. Perfect to make our own. We’ll be inviting more people to the reception than to the ceremony. Some people are iffy about that, but I think it’s a brilliant idea. Both venues total to under $2,000. That “all-inclusive” place can suck it!

I have my dress. It may have cost as much as our venues, but it’s perfect.

It’s all coming together!

We might not be able to afford all of the wedding bells and whistles, but I can make those myself. This DIY bride might not have the fanciest wedding, but it will be fabulous in its own, unique way. I’m excited to collaborate (and compromise) with Zach to create a wedding day perfect for us. 


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