Keto Friendly

Zach and I have started dieting to get ready for our wedding. Apparently, an aging metabolism and a happy relationship aren’t good for your waistline.

We’re doing the keto (as in ketosis) diet. Basically, we eat under 30 carbs per day and then our bodies go into ketosis. Once our body is in ketosis, it essentially uses existing body fat storage for energy instead of the usual carbs.

Yes, body! Use up my fat!!!

The keto diet is super hard. Not only can we not have normal bread, pasta, and rice (really any grain), but we also can’t have most fruits due to natural sugar carbs. It’s like a more intense version of the Adkins diet.

The fun part is that we’ve been making some awesome recipes at home. I made keto-friendly cookies; Zach makes an incredible keto-cheesecake; we are learning how to cook meats like champs. It’s nice to know that we can survive without eating out all of the time. In fact, eating out on this diet is almost impossible. We’ve tried.

We took a trip to Trader Joes and Whole Foods with our friends, Morgan and Eric. We are all trying to eat healthier (they are doing the Paleo thing), but while we were food shopping, we got super hungry. So, we decided to hop on over to the TGI Friday’s. Worst choice ever. We were excited to get bunless burgers, or grilled chicken. Typically, these things would be wonderful on our diets; however, Friday’s apparently coats everything in sugar and stuffs it with bread, because even the grilled salmon fillet was 70g of calories.

We found the lowest carb option (Chicken Cobb Salad– 17g of carbs). We all ordered it, except for Eric, who ordered fried shrimp and French fries (glares ensued). It’s not that the salad was bad. It was only okay, but not bad. We had just been craving burgers. To make matters worse, a guy at the table next to us was chowing down on a fully-carbed burger and it looked so good.

Other than the unfortunate Friday’s incident and the fact that we can’t eat a lot of foods that I love, this diet is pretty cool. Zach and I have both already lost about 11 pounds each. It’s making us be more inventive in the kitchen. Also, did I mention I’m losing weight (I know I did, it just makes me happy)?

As we get better at cooking our keto-friendly things, I’ll post some success stories. I’ll probably post some trial and error recipes, too. Those are usually more entertaining.


4 thoughts on “Keto Friendly

  1. We’ve been on the diet for about 2 weeks now. So far, our bodies have just been flushing out all of the carbs and sugars that we’d had stored. Good luck on your weight loss goal!

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