If I say the word “responsibility,” you probably think something like: work, bills, hygiene, or babies.

I think, “Sirius.”


Sirius in the snow


Sirius in front of a backdrop

Sirius (named after Sirius Black from Harry Potter) is my (female) puppy. Zach surprised me with her as an early Christmas present. She’s an Olde English Bulldog. She has a brindle coat. She grunts a lot. Oh, and she’s a living thing.

We were so excited to get a puppy. I’m still so excited to have her. I wouldn’t trade her for anything, not even a unicorn. Nevertheless, she has given us both way more responsibility that we were accustomed to. She’s expensive, and we worry about her constantly. We are learning to train and discipline her properly. We don’t like to leave her alone for long stretches of time.


Zach and Sirius watching TV

Needless to say, having a puppy is a lot bigger responsibility than we anticipated. But, she’s the best thing that I could ever imagine being responsible for. 


Sirius and me being “cool”


Sirius being nonchalant in a chair.


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