Pop-Up Meetings

Hallway meetings make me nervous. Also, they happen a lot. I often pass one of those impromptu meetings, or pop-up meetings, on my way to the restroom, the break room  or a conference room. It’s as if people forget about important business items until they bump into each other on their way out to lunch.

Here’s what I do when I encounter a”pop-up meeting”:

  1. I hum a song in my head. It’s inaudible to the people participating in the meeting, but it keeps me from ease-dropping (which is usually something that I really like to do, but is frowned upon in an office environment).
  2. Avoid eye-contact. I don’t like pop-up meetings, and I don’t want to be a part of one. I feel awkward enough in meetings without having to figure out a proper way to stand and where to put my hands (it’s so much harder without a table in front of you)! Not making eye-contact decreases the risk of being invited to join their discussion.


  1. I become very conscious of my walk. If I’m walking through a business meeting, I need to walk like a business lady!

I understand the desire for a more casual meeting every once in a while, but (for the sake of awkward people like me) take it out of the hallways! Or don’t… whatever. 


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