As previously stated, I don’t want my current job forever. What I forgot to add is that, for an entry level position, this job rocks.

As an intern, I was already working with a multi-million dollar client. As a full-time employee, I have helped build another multi-million dollar program. This job gives me bullet points for my résumé.  It gives me awesome insight for my future. It also has perks.

I love Anthropology. It is a passion of mine. I would love to someday be a business anthropologist, doing something with Italian. I know that there are no entry level jobs doing exactly that. This job is the perfect stepping stone.


My company is casually corporate. The dress code is relaxed, hours are somewhat flexible, and sometimes we drink beer in the office. It’s a perfect transition from college to the work force. The people working with me are awesome, too. That is probably one of the biggest perks.

In this blog, I will complain. I will talk about my future outside of my current company. However, I hope you all know this: I am happy, lucky and thankful to be where I am. I’ve worked very hard to have gotten to this point, and I don’t plan on stopping. Sometimes I will forget that I am young and am just starting my professional career. It’s hard to be patient. We live in a fast-paced world.

So, hang with me, blog world. I will share with you the ups and downs of an entry-level professional. I’m glad that I’m in a position that allows me to be able to speak from such great experience.


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